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Xero for Course Creators

xero Aug 15, 2021

At Of Course Bookkeeping, our select software for Online Course Creators and Ecommerce is Xero.

Here's why:

Here are some of the reasons it's best for course creators:

  1. Easy to understand dashboard

    When you books are up to date, you have a visually easy to understand dashboard, helping you understand where your money is and where it's going.
  2. Integrates with PayPal & Stripe without a 3rd party app

    PayPal and Stripe are the top payment processors for course creators, and Xero integrates with it seamlessly (like a bank account) so we can track each transaction easily to know which products you're selling the most of.
  3. Helps us efficiently code and categorize transactions

    Xero has this awesome tool called cash coding which enables us to code a large mass of similar transactions quickly and easily. Because of this, we offer unlimited transactions in our service packages. You aren't penalized for launching and making more money! This gives us more time to have meaningful conversations with you about your business.
  4. Easy collaboration with your bookkeeper

    Xero is on the cloud so you can access your books whenever you want to see what's going on. We'll show you the basics of Xero so you know we're doing our jobs and you're well taken care of. 

Ready to get started? 

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