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Bookkeeping & Accounting designed just for Course Creators & Online Business Experts.

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Our Promise

When we work together, this is what you get:

Visibility into your numbers

We stay on top of your records so that each month when we meet you have a clear picture of where you stand and where you're headed. And we make sure you know what it all means.

Monthly & Quarterly Debriefs

We break down the important numbers with you after your launches. You'll also get the standard reporting package each month: Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, and a Balance Sheet.

Tax Ready Books

You've got a lot on your plate, building an online empire! We'll set you up with the tools and process to ensure your books are ready for your tax pro at the end of the year tied up with a bow.

We believe that when entrepreneurs understand their numbers,

they can grow their numbers and have massive impact.

Our Services

Each business is unique so pricing varies. These are some of the services we offer:

Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Sales Tax

Xero Setup & Migrations

Cash Flow, Budgeting &
Strategic Planning

"Serena has been, without exaggeration, our professional savior. Over the past year, she's helped us with accounting, filing, amendments, strategy, and... at times... emotional support. Her customer service, emotional intelligence, and business expertise is unmatched. Ultimately, the most important characteristic to consider when working with a consultant is trust. As consultants ourselves, we pride ourselves on creating trusting relationships with our own clients. However, after working with Serena, I dare say that we have a thing or two left to learn. We look forward to continuing to grow our business and are excited for Serena to be a part of that journey!"

Dee Burns
Leaderful, LLC

"I'm very happy to have Serena and her team in my corner. They help me to manage my finances & keep my business healthy. I love the advice and tools she brings. Highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their business's financial health."

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

"Seeing the information [in the monthly video] is so helpful!"

Copywriting Coach

"After years of floundering with my business finances, Serena and her team have made my bookkeeping easy and efficient! (Even better, she was very patient with my disorganization helped me get on track without feeling like I had failed as an entrepreneur). I love knowing that my books are staying organized, even when I'm caught up in working on other parts of the business. This makes it easier for me to know where my money is coming from, where it's going, and how we can adjust our business accordingly. Plus I know that sales tax and income tax will be a breeze! Thanks y'all for taking such good care of my books so my time can be spent making more sales!"

HollyAnne Knight
String & Story, LLC

Become our next client (and friend!)

We only work with a select few clients each month. We want to make sure we're a good match, so we ask you to fill out a questionnaire if you're interested in becoming a client. We'll contact you with next steps!

Service Options (Pricing Varies)

Here's an example of the packages we offer. If you come from a system other than Xero (or need books setup), we'll migrate you for free (a $3k service)--because the tools matter!

Outsourced CFO



Everything in VIP

Profit Consulting

Annual Budget (Profit Plan)

Monthly budget-to-actual reports

Quarterly Strategic Planning
with Serena

App Consulting

The Launch Scorecard

People Advisory

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Everything in Advanced

Bi-Weekly Recordkeeping

Annual Recap & Budget Planning Meeting with Serena

U.S. Sales Tax

Annual Business Property Tax Filings

45-Minute Monthly Meeting with your Account Manager

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Xero + Hubdoc Included

Monthly Recordkeeping

Unlimited Transactions

Unlimited Bank Accounts

Unlimited Communication

Monthly Debriefs (Reports)

5 Minute Financial Overview Video

Annual 1099 Filings + Compliance Reminders

Learn More

Here's a breakdown of what each service entails:

We believe in efficiency & systems, so we're passionate about setting all of our clients up on Xero (for bookkeeping) and Hubdoc (for collecting paperwork). This setup or migration from another system is included in our onboarding, as is the subscription fee as long as you work with us. If we part ways, we'll transfer ownership of it all to you.

This includes maintenance of bank feeds, matching & recording transactions, asking you for receipts and invoice to support your expenses (hello, audit-proof books!), and making sure your data is reliable. We don't pay your bills or ask your customers for payments. That's on you, my dear. 

We don't believe in setting a limit on your transaction volume because we course creators may have large fluctuations when launching. We will, however, revisit our pricing every 6 months to make sure the value we provide is in line with your needs as you grow.

We fully support our clients who manage their finances with the Profit First™ Method, which means we know you might have at least 5 bank accounts. It's all good. We also have bank relationships for those who want to use this method, and we're Certified Profit First Professionals!

We don't ever want you to feel like you can't reach out if you have a question or need to bounce ideas. All communication is included, but if we have to do ad hoc (extra) analysis or research to give you solid advice, that'll be billed separately.

If you pay rent, attorneys or other service providers for work one in your business (as contractors), you may be required to issue 1099s. We'll help you determine who needs one and create those filings for you.

We'll also check on your annual corporate report (LLC) in your state each year to make sure you're in good standing. 

This includes monthly financial reports, a visual dashboard of key metrics, & a 5 minute loom video explaining your performance & financial health. 'Cause the magic is in the debrief.

As a course creator or coach who sells PDFs, Ebooks, Video Courses and the like, you may be required to collect & remit sales tax in certain jurisdictions (US and Globally). We'll make sure you're compliant and monitor the thresholds. This also applies to any other physical product you might decide to sell.

If you have a brick & mortar location you may be required to file a Business [Personal] Property Tax report with your County. We'll assist with that as well.

Tracking metrics each launch is important, so we set you up with a tool called The Launch Scorecard so you know where you should focus on improving with each launch.

If we're your Outsourced CFO, we will include a monthly budget-to-actual comparison for you so you can see exactly how you're tracking against your Profit Plan each month so we can course correct.

If you don't know where your cash is going each month, we can help you create a forecast/plan and stay on track. We'll also consult with you on where you can improve pricing and expense management to hit your targets.


You have a grand vision for your company, and we'll help you hash that out and track against milestones we set to get you there. A roadmap, if you will. 

We will evaluate the systems you use in your business to make sure you're getting the most out of them and everything is connected. If you have an OBM we can work with them to make sure your systems are in alignment with your strategic plan.

If you have a dream, you need a team. We'll help you make sure you know your options for keeping team motivated (benefits) and help you figure out when you should hire. We'll also make sure you have an HR Resource when you need it. We partner with Gusto on this, but we're with you every step of the way.

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