What's a "Bookkeeping Sideliner?"

 Serena Shoup (Founder of Of Course Financial) & Alyssa Lang (Founder of Magnetic Bookkeeping & Consulting) are joining forces and looking to expand both their firms team and are seeking Senior Bookkeepers.

You won't just be any special Senior Bookkeeper but what we're coining as a 'Bookkeeping Sideliner'. 

For this role, we're both looking to build a roster of Senior Bookkeepers to have in our back pocket for when life, emergencies or team members need to step out and we need someone (like YOU) to step in temporarily. This is an on-call basis role with room to grow with our firms as needed. 

While the hours are not guaranteed, the pay starts at $30 per hour and depends on experience. If you're a seasoned bookkeeper who is interested in a flexible work arrangement and the opportunity to work with leaders in the industry actively growing their firms, then feel free to check out the job description below to learn how to apply.



Does this sound like you?

You’re a planner & implementor and you can manage your own deadlines. Your superpower is managing multiple projects and task lists

You’re a natural problem solver. When you see a problem, you know there’s a solution and you’ll find it. You’re super resourceful!

You’re analytical & strategic. You like to know the why behind what you do and figure things out.

You love details but know when not to let them bog you down.

You take ownership and bring ideas to the table, ready to implement them.

You’re someone who loves the entrepreneurial world, but doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur yourself. We call this the INTRAPRENEUR.

You aren’t afraid of communicating with vendors, clients, team, and others virtually, and you understand how important it is!

You understand what Of Course Financial and Magnetic Bookkeeping & Consulting are all about and you’re ready to play a critical role in helping us level up our clients!



We are looking for Senior Bookkeeping Sideliners 

to join our teams!


Imagine what it'd be like coming to work where you're respected and have the opportunity to grow and learn new things while truly making an impact in the lives of others. You're surrounded by a team of ambitious bookkeepers who are supportive, encouraging, and push you to grow into the best version of yourself!


Imagine being not only appreciated but also celebrated for your hardwork and being able to streamline the way you do things instead of being told "that's just how we've always done it."


We're growing companies and we're looking for a four-leaf clover (Hint, that could be you!) to join our teams and help us meet our missions.

Let's get the bad news outta the way first:

🔘 The hours aren't guaranteed, and you'll be on-call but don't worry, we'll ask you for your general availability and we're flexible on when you login to do the work. BUT as you (and we) grow, this can become a fulltime position with our companies.

🔘 We're looking for someone who can step in as-needed and immediately bring value.  

🔘 We need a go-getter who already understands advanced bookkeeping concepts and has the ability to problem solve without hand-holding.

 Now let's talk about the good stuff:

  1. WE WORK REMOTELY (AKA VIRTUALLY💻)... Which means you don't have to wear 'business casual' or sit in traffic. You can come to work in your PJs or yoga pants. Whatever floats your boat. Just please wear clothes.

    We support clients across the US so our only requirement is that during your time supporting us, you hit deadlines and work within the US Timezones.

    Since this is an as-needed role, you'll be supporting either of our firms in different areas as needed, but mostly related to client work for online business clients who are doing incredible things. 

Must Haves:

Firm grasp of QBO &/or Xero accounting software

✅ Has superior grasp of the English language and can communicate verbally and in writing without coming across brash and abrasive to clients (soft skills are important!)

✅ Has an associates degree in accounting or a bookkeeping certificate PLUS a minimum one year of experience and has a firm grasp on debits and credits

✅ Ambitious, self-motivated, and enjoys problem solving

✅ Always thinking 5 steps ahead and takes initiative

✅ Loves researching & answering questions—being the 'go-to person'

✅ Flexible with shifting priorities and managing time

❌ Not a procrastinator

✅ Comfortable on Zoom & camera

✅ We use Loom to record processes, Notion, & Asana, so we expect you to use them too. Don't worry, we'll show you how!

✅ Comfortable working independently with technology and in a 100% cloud-based environment (no paper!)


➕ Has worked 1+ years in some sort of bookkeeping or accounting role but understands advanced concepts (like payroll entries, inventory, etc).

➕ Has knowledge of cloud-based technology. Some of the systems we use (and can train you on): Google Workspace, Gusto, Stripe, PayPal, Xero, Asana, Notion, Excel/Google Sheets, Slack, Canva, Shopify, Dubsado, Spark, Hubdoc, Adobe Acrobat, 1Password, TaxJar)

➕ Familiar with Sales Tax & Payroll Taxes

➕ Familiar with the Online Business niche (Course Creators, Coaches, and Content Creators)


Responsibilities + Role


We need a positive team player who thrives on getting sh** done (and doesn't mind a few swears). You need to be detail oriented. In fact, we're so serious about that, that there's a secret subject line you need to use in your job application, just to prove how detailed you are! Here's what else we'll need from you:

  • Keep Client Information up-to-date across Notion, Dubsado, and Asana

  • Organize digital client files in Google Drive

  • Run Payroll in Gusto

  • Review payroll reports for accuracy

  • Research + Register clients with various jurisdictions (sales tax and employer taxes)

  • Request bank statements from clients monthly

  • Review & Code invoices/bills in Hubdoc

  • Reconcile daily deposits with Point of Sale (or Ecommerce Platform)

  • Match & reconcile bank feed transactions

  • Ensure proper documentation/receipts for all business transactions

  • Send client Xero Ask requests with questions on transactions (missing receipts/info for coding) (Of Course Bookkeeping Clients only)

  • Send Content Snare requests to clients (Magnetic Bookkeeping Clients only)
  • Review & Reconcile Accounts Receivable Aging

  • Review & reconcile Accounts Payable Aging

  • Review chart of accounts transactions for accuracy

  • Reconcile Bank accounts & credit cards, follow up on outstanding items

  • Reconcile Balance Sheet accounts

  • Maintain Fixed Asset Ledger

  • Amortize Prepaid Expenses

  • Review Vendor files to prepare for 1099 reporting

  • Your Secret Subject line is "Bookkeeping Sideliner for OCB & MB"

  • Prepare monthly financial reports & review for accuracy

  • Prepare month end hand off document to ensure a smooth hand off to Client Manager

  • Update Asana, keep status notes, and check off tasks when completed

  • Organize Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Notion and make note of any suggestions for improvements + take initiative to improve + update SOPs when needed 


*Although these are your main responsibilities, this job might encompass other tasks as well.


  • Sitting or standing at a desk for the majority of your workday

  • On call as needed

Sound like a good fit?


We're looking for several Senior Bookkeeper Sideliners ASAP and we can't wait to meet you!

We'll likely receive a mountain of applications for this position, so MAKE YOUR APPLICATION STAND OUT!


How to apply:

  1. Read the job posting carefully to determine if the position is a good fit for you (we're all about the alignment here ✨)
  2. Send us your resume (in PDF format) along with the following:

    Record a short 1-3-minute video telling us why you're the perfect fit for this position, what you expect to be paid hourly and why you'd fit right in with US! (this video is required and we want you to know... it's ok if the video isn't perfect or you're nervous... we just want to make sure you're a real human and hear what you have to say)
    Include your "secret subject line"


  3. Send all the above to [email protected]


What happens next:

  1. After receiving applications, our teams will review them to determine which candidates are the best fit for the position
  2. If you're selected to move forward in the hiring process, we'll reach out to you to schedule a quick 5–10 minute intro call
  3. If it seems like a mutual fit after your first interview, we'll send over an assessment
  4. Once you complete the assessment within the given timeframe, we'll review your assessment to determine if you meet the necessary qualifications that we're both looking for 
  5. If your assessment looks great, we'll reach out for you to do a 25 - 30 minute interview with both Serena & Alyssa
  6. After all interviews are complete, we will review each candidate and determine who is the best fit for the role.
*Please be mindful that we're looking for multiple Senior Bookkeepers to have as sideliners! 


*If you're a fellow business owner... you may find yourself feeling inspired to replicate our job posting but keep in mind you aren't legally given permission to copy our job posting. If you want to learn more about the hiring process, come check out Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants.